Thanks Sinar Harian!

Thanks to Rafiq Mazlan, Kak Haslina and Mr Meen Tahrin for the opportunity to be featured in the Media Hiburan new talent section of the Sinar Harian. Nik Nabil teruja ‘cedok pengalaman’ RAFIQ MAZLAN 10 NOVEMBER 2016 Nik Nabil BAGI orang baharu yang boleh dikatakan ‘hijau’ dalam dunia nyanyian di arus perdana, ternyata pengalaman dapat […]

New projects

Selalu has taken over two years in the making and after redoing it all over again ( much credit to AG and Kamar Seni’s dedication) it is really a labour of love and it’s more than a song. It manages to capture the bits and pieces of memories of what had happened along the years […]