Music has been a very important part of me without me even knowing it. We can all attest to the power of the music to soothe and to heal, same with me here. It was a great journey and I feel that it’s only just beginning.

Songwriting is an exciting journey, full of self discovery, hidden and latent emotions brewing, waiting to be spilled, shared with the world. Notes, melodies came to me in sudden gushed of emotions and thanks to AG Coco, I finally managed to get my compositions aired and shared with the larger public who appreciates originality and creative endevours.

It has been an exciting journey indeed and I hope to do more exploration, experimentation and fusion of the magnificient sounds and colours that we all love so much, that is music.

Memori, my first composition has been challenging, making the dream come true. For years and years, it stayed in my mind, in my heart and various recordings of it ( mp3 recorder, lyrics on word software and etc). Who would have thought that one day Memori, could have seen the light of day, even more so, aired in local radio stations. Thank Malaysia, for making my dream come true, alhamdulillah!



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