Nik Nabil shortlisted into the d’Next Artist 2014 Project


KUALA LUMPUR – Damansara Performance Arts Centre (DPAC) has shortlisted Nik Nabil as one of the new stable of performers that will be performing at the sought after, state of the art centre.  Nik Nabil who submitted his original song compositions Memori and Selalu auditioned in front of much impressed and very supportive juries.

“The juries suggested that I incorporate my music, the masks and clothes –  into a theater performance. It’s surreal to have this kind of opportunity. I will work hard to make this a very not to be missed performance!” commented Nik upon hearing about his shortlisting.


Nik Nabil’s first single, Memori was arranged by AG Coco and was chosen by TV9 to be used on its final show for the Idola Kecil season 6. The finalist who sang Memori, emerged as the overall winner for the competition.

Selalu, Nik Nabil’s second attempt at composing will be getting star treatment from AG Coco also for its musical arrangement.


The performance slots made available for Nik Nabil at DPAC is slated around 26 -28th September 2014, amounting to three performance in total.


Nik Nabil is looking for possible funder/ investor for this venture as well as director, actors and dancers. Interested parties are encouraged to email him at info@nabilamin.com





The d’Next Artist 2014 Project was open to music, dance and theater enthusiast who’s looking for a break into the tough business of the entertainment industry.

Link : d’Next Artist 2014 – DPAC


Play Title : Memori
Summary :
The play centres around the character, Andhika Pramuthya’s journey to enlightenment. Since he was a child, Andhika felt out of place, since everyone in his time was only identified as numbers and do as what they’e are told. Little did he know that, he and the townspeople are drugged/spell-binded and isolated from the real world because they are ‘different’ – meaning they have a unique gene that seeks out spirituality, more altruistic and have the most potential to be enlightened.These traits are a threat to the warlords and also warlocks. One of the most adverse effects of the drugs given to Andhika’s people is that they can’t dream but day by day, Andhika kept having flashes of visions and it unsettles him. One day, he decided to act on his vision and that led him from one adventure to another. He met the Guardians of the Mask – mythical and magical beings that laid tasks for Andhika to overcame so that he can attain the magic and power of the masks to fight evil and save himself and his kind, perhaps the rest of humanity.
In one of those journeys, he met a beautiful young lady, curiously also masked. They flirted but they never let their guards down, never too trusting to open up, since it might endanger their lives, so they never showed their real faces to each other . In one of the ensuing battles, Andhika was mortally wounded and grasping for his last breaths. The guardians appeared and tried to persuade Andhika to accept their gift of a very curative water, the Amrita, a life giving sustenance that could cure all wounds and restore ailing hearts, but Andhika said to give the water to a certain boy that will come along. The boy is of noble birth and is ailing from a terminal disease but he have a heart of gold and his life if extended will benefit the world of the living manifolds.
When Andhika died in the arms of the girl he loved watched over by his guardian friends, a small frail boy appeared already in the cusp of death. The girl brough the Amrita to the child’s mouth and the child’s health was restored.
The boy said, I was sure that I was going to die today and I woke up today set my heart to help 100 people and  I did and I could even have died happily but as I’ve finished my quest, I felt a tug at my heart to come to this place. I asked the voice how could I truly thank him, he said this is not necessary as only God is the All Powerful and Merciful of death and life, he is merely at his mercy too. Then, I asked him if he is a mortal, a sign so that I can know him, perhaps repay his kind deeds to his kins or offsprings. He said that  I can find him in the memories of those who knew him . . .


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