New projects

Selalu has taken over two years in the making and after redoing it all over again ( much credit to AG and Kamar Seni’s dedication) it is really a labour of love and it’s more than a song. It manages to capture the bits and pieces of memories of what had happened along the years and before.

So, when AG broached the topic of new projects I was elated. The thing is finding the time. I mean, all the planets aligned and stars need to be aligned some sorts like that,  Mr AG and his team are very in demand and super busy. I was hopeful and after we wrapped the Selalu song and AG’s workstation relocation, AG told me that he has in mind for me to work on 3 arrangements that he wants me to put the melodies and lyrics (if I can). If I can, that’s my basic premise. Before this, how we worked was that, I gave AG my song’s idea incl melodies and lyrics,and he assembled his team and they cranked out everything until it’s time for me to put my vocals. Now, we had talked about the possibilities of jamming it out and cranking purely new songs together but alas, the stars weren’t aligned enough and we didn’t get the opportune time to have a go at it. It could have been really fun. I mean, I like to see AG works his magic on the guitar ( piano, I has not seen him live yet) and it’s amazing. It would have been great to soul it out and see what we can have from it. Yeah, the time factor.

Alhamdulillah, somehow with technology we manage to solve this to our advantage. So, alhmd AG emailed me the much anticipated arrangements, not one or 3 but 6. It was sent at witching hours of 3.04 am and I had only the chance to hear it the next morning.

As I’ve said. I was elated to be given the chance to sample and work on this. But the reality of it was much more than can contain. I was soo excited. First of all, this is my first time. So, I don’t really know head from tails on how to start. When I first listened to the six, each one gave solid impressions of their own. Unique and some nostalgic.

There was one arrangement which reminds me of the infamous songstress Datuk Siti, whose songs I tried to sing and found it very very challenging, but also very satisfying. Being able to almost nail, or at least die trying, to sing the works of a legend is a great aspiration. That track made me thinking of having my own Jerat Percintaan moment. But the question is, do I have the chords for such acrobatics?

There’s no denying that I am still trying to dig deeper and understand my own instrument better each and every day I have. At times and most of the times, I find myself just relating and copying other’s styles, it’s a joy but I wonder if people will judge me that I have no style of my own. I guess, as I gain more experiences and wisdom along the way, I will have more confidence to exert what people would say my own unique style.

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