Alhamdulillah, my second composition, Selalu dah siap!!

composer – Nik Nabil
Arranger – AG COCO

W :

Composer ; Nik Nabil
Lyric : Nik Nabil
Performed by Nik Nabil

Produced by AG Coco
Music Arrangement by AG Coco & Rudy Nastia
All Instruments by AG Coco & Rudy Nastia except bass by Kelly & Drums by Azim Jenk Ali.
Mixed & Mastered by Ahmad Huzaini
Recorded Mixed Mastered at Kamar Seni Recording Studio.

It took two years for this baby to come to fruition. Thanks to AG Coco, Rudy Nastia and Kamar Seni musicians yang worked hard to make this song come alive. Started as an almost like a dream, today Selalu is a full fledged song ready to rock music enthusiasts’ lives 😀

Below is the Official Lyric Video of Selalu. It seems all the photo snaps of people holding the #selalu and the shoot with George Gill was worth it. There are lots of people who participated with the #selalu photo campaign but I could not upload them all for the video. Some of the pic’s quality were not that good and as I am still dabbling with the video editing app on ipad and Youtube.

The best feeling is having positive reviews about the song from contacts and friends. It was really a heart warming feeling. As I have noticed, the making of one song is not easy. Lots of work goes into it. As well as many resources and talent. Every second is a labour of love.

There was someone who commented that the song is slow and the lyrics too formal. This song is two years old and really devoid of input from latest hits and trends. Anyway, we just want to make music that we love and in this case, I dig which is not going for the candied songs which is the trend right now. What is trend anyway ..let’s go for timeless. Chewwah!

The lyrics is me. I’m a bit formal, yeah .. I came from the corporate world but I won the Asia Pacific Cup in English with simple english. Although Selalu is in malay, I spoke words that is true to me without over brandishing it or glazing over it to impress.

For me, I was struggling with my voice and style. Menghayati Selalu and doing justice to AG COCO is on top of my mind. Many commented that Selalu is good music. I hope you will give a chance and share it with friends and loved ones and make this song a bit popular than Memori, it’s predecessor okay! Thanks!!



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