State of Things

Am listening to Selalu, my 2nd single this morning. AG COCO’s studio’s computer got virus,many works lost. Including your’s truly. Although, the vocal part managed to be salvaged.
Oh right, I’m listening to the raw recording version.

Well, if it finished mastering and all, I am still broke. The money to launch, do a good enough music video … print the CDs, it’s gonna be at least 10k above. More to 20k.

Where am I gonna find that sort of money in my current state? What is my current state anyway? Healthy, working on my own on my pr and management consulting firm. On my own. Right now, I have 3 clients. Two, on not soo clear path to the next paycheck or project, but thankfully they’re sticking to me. One client is just starting with me. I was just thinking how to re allocate the budget/ payment after my bills. Not much. I still have my bank rakyat, PTPTN and MARA loans. Some from well meaning friends too.

I think it’s been 2 years since we started working on Selalu. Looking at the going rate, I think it will be ready by 2017.

Do I want a launch? How do I even get press to even glean my way? Soo much for having a pr background. I read that some new singers or BBNUs already making headlines. Others, not me.

Sabar. Do my own thing.

It’s tuff when money is scarce. Tougher when you are actually managing 2 start ups – the music and pr firm gigs. Now, I have one client who wants me to promote all their clients, as much as I can. No additional fees.

Money is hard to come by. Enjoy the process.

The biggest hikmah for the delay is perhaps, my singing development in the past months. Check out my instagram (@niknabil) and hear me sings some pop songs. Thouhh, last nite’s cincotti’s rendition weren’t all that smooth..

Practice practice practice.

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