Foreign Songs

Yeah, apart from local songs, everything else is foreign, that’s that. But I don’t want to tackle about foreign songs from foreign countries. We have indonesian songs who feels like home here. We even embrace it like our own after some time. No wrong in that. Hint – Datuk Rossa.

What I would like to write about is about foreign language songs. Yeah, chinese songs should not be too foreign. That and tamil songs too. Add to that Kadazan and etc but hey, let’s also talk about the exotic ones the itallians, french, spanish and yes the variations of mandarin and kanto pop songs.

Those type of songs needs a certain type of tongue exuberance to master. Unless you are adept at it an an even younger age, it does take a certain dexterity to pronounce it and doing it is quite an accomplishment if  I can say so myself. See, I’ve listened to Andrea Bocelli’s and Josh Groban’s for instance and I thought that I can sing it but I finally tried it in the past weeks ( check my instagram : niknabil) and it was, although not easy peasy, I would say it was life altering.

I was like conquering the Olympus itself. Okay, maybe for one day. Okay, maybe an hour. Okay 30 mins. But, it is still a great sense of joy to finally sing the great tunes in foreign languages by other great singers. They are soo beautiful. Take for example the Hymn a l’amour, a beautiful french song. So buoyant with love that singing it makes you feel soo much love yourself.

Of course, one of the biggest challenges of trying to sing foreign songs is trying to sound as authentic or real as one possibly can. But,  I decided to give myself some slack. It was after all, one of my first trys and feel successful. I feel beautiful. Hahaha 😀

One of my biggest break nowadays is knowing that I can sing Josh Groban’s songs quite easily. At least, the first verse and the chorus part. Usually the middle and towards the end, the arrangement will ratchet up and I may not be able to reach the key but let’s try again for real.

I put it down to nervousness and like before, before singing along to the original songs and singing on top of the vocals itself, I just sang versions of it fromn karaoke joints which usually have poorer recording versions and downright bad arrangements plus the acoustics of the mics and speakers are usually busted. So, it was hard to have confidence of yourself singing great numbers from legends if you sound just plain horrid to start with. Don’t even get me started on the bad voice days!

It’s really a joy knowing how to control my voice and relax and sing in the same nuance and happiness of Josh’s and etc. You know the ‘sing like you normally speak’ is easier in theory than it was actually is, at least for took me years and when I finally got it, as in like recently it was really a joy to sing some songs in my category or range of keys melodiously, for a start, and with more confidence, as a bonus.


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