Kewl Khair Bahar

In an instant Khai was EVERYWHERE! Well, in the same line of argument with Drake here, Khai has been singing like forever. It’s just that SMULE was his breakout platform. Like Youtube for Bieber, and locally, Yuna to name a few.

Honest to truth, I checked his videos myself and my  oh my, I was flabbergasted by the kemerduan  suara dia. It was the nostalgia of the rock kapak power ballad times and he rocks the genre. It’s not easy. That’s why talents or master sifoo like Awie and Amy Search still rawks it.

Last we heard, NAR Records has snatched Khai to be on their rooster and he is releasing his 1st single  soon ( after raya as the chitter chatter tweeps).

But just take a moment and appreciate this. It’s not easy to really breakout nowadays. Yeah, there’s the reality shows, but it seems the kid’s version are reaaally hijacking the limelight often the case. Even Khai  confessed his chances then were very slim, not for  the lack of trying. It’s very very tough.

My guess is, he really hustled his way to the max on Smule. It was a new platform. I first heard about  it from Budiey of Sensasi Selebriti and if I’m not mistaken CTDK was at the launch, methinks.

It was new, even I haven’t got into the  band wagon yet but that’s not the case of the thousands if not millions  who duets themselves to  the moon on Smule like no tomorrow. The biggest bonus was the new reigning queen of Mentor Millenia, Siti Nordiana who consented to duet with Khai, to the delight of her and also for the song’s nostalgic values. It was a great duet. I mean, in yesteryear’s time, you wouldn’t see me acquiescing that I’m a big fan of that kinda of song (hey, I still like Ameng Spring and Fotograf kay) but it does brings some nostaalgia. I mean, it’s a kind of song that brings back memories ( okay, not really) but define that era …maybe. All I’m saying is that, that song was a powerful crowd and fan puller who rooted for that song and later for the two dueters. The rest is, history. It looks like their fate is cemented to be in the pantheon of fame in the local music scene. For Siti Nordiana, her fame resurrected, finally celebrated deserving-ly, in a big million crowd of way, bravo!

Though there were desas desus saying that his breakthrough was choreographed, it was a weak retort to Khai’s own talent in singing and handling of his burgeoning fans. I mean, come on, he can sing! He just needed a platform, a chance!

For one Smule breakthrough, there are a couple of thousands who hasn’t made their mark. For a few who made it from Youtube, millions for sure are still grinding at it. Its tuff market place. What Khai have right now, is a super op, all the best for sure!


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