Case Study : The Drake

All of a sudden, Drake is EVERYWHERE. His hitting the No.1 spots like all over the place. I mean, we know Drake but suddenly his hits is EVERYWHERE, it’s starting to transform into a Drake phenomenon.

How is he crushing it? He also writes his own stuff! Wow triple Wow!

Actually Drake has been around dah lama dah! He was a child actor way way back in Canada dearest. Starred in Degrassi and other numerous shows before his  breakout role as a rapper and singer extraordinaire. Up till now, I haven’t really associated any songs that I  can remember with Drake. That’s how new Drake is in my world of existence, which is puny to say the least.

Tapi, I remembered him in one scene with Gailzilla, in the movie Think Like A Man. He’s there alright, he’s everywhere.

Okay, let’s sift through some of his songs. Oh yeah, his name is, yeap, Aubrey.

Okay, honest to truth, of course I’ve  heard of Hotline Bling. Like forever. It was like on repeat and all over Top charts. But …it didn’t register for me to really connect that it was him. Blimey. Now that I know it”s  from Drake. Hmmm, respect! Its unique and yup, I dig it without me  really committing much to it. Cant blame myself too much though. These days, I’m more of a Florida Georgia Line kinda guy. Wohoooo!



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