Music and Drugs

Usually, the ill conceived image of the torn up inside rockers, living the fast live, orgies with groupies, no care for prude, drugs … is all part of the so called star life, sold by the American music industry, to a point. Though they don’t endorse it, the media coverage on the supposed lifestyle is kind of hyped up.

For the lesser musicians, in the other parts of the world, this hedonistic lifestyle has been copied to a point with gusto or just for a publicity front. Of course, not every rocker or musician is drown in substance abuse or the latest drug churned to give one an epiphany of an altered sense of being.

In Malaysia, the EDM music festival with 6 accounted death, supposedly by drug overdose not only marred the festivities of the much hyped event but really put a dent on locals creating international music events in the future.

Music events are a  kind of a loose and free events where people come together to have fun and chill. At least that’s the western version of what’s going to a concert is all about. Maybe the rest of the world too, I’m not sure at this moment. In Malaysia, going to concerts, fraternizing freely with both sexes in close proximity is not recommended though this has not been fully enforced and because of the western’s connotation of what really happens there, concert scenes could have been frowned upon, especially devil worshipers rocker punk groups ( haha!). Concerts by the likes of Datuk Siti Nurhaliza has set standards for a high class music entertainment, looked upon to and recommended, to a point because not everybody pays to go there. A setting of sober, mature minded and mindful of religious tolerance hangs as expectation to be heeded by the music scene. Well, the rocker era or Rock Kapak era was in the 80s, but do the Backstreet Boys or the One Direction fans also are mixed with drugs?

Does drugs chooseth its music or otherwise?

Maybe the simple answer is the individual themselves. Of course, there will be individual opportunists and drug pushers who will sweet talk the concert goers with nirvana inducing chemicals that will give one a time of one’s life but one can always say no, right?

Even in the Future Music 2014 case, A UMMC Prof Dr K. Nadesan reported later that the real cause for the  deaths were really overheating or heat stroke, making the drug such a nominal excuse that was hyped and scare mongered through and through.

Well, one may be shocked that how can the drugs were sold or can be obtained there ..but that is a separate case maybe or are we implying that the organisers are in the cahoots with the drug traffickers or suppliers? We don’t know and it’s a big ‘if’ and a horrendous blame.

What we know is this, the 6 who met their untimely death wanted to have fun and enjoy their music. They were not on a suicide spree. Not are they a part of an EDM cult. But, nevertheless, death took them that day at the festival. So, who to blame?

Music? Music lovers? Musicians?

Drugs. And all it’s family of friends, lovers and twins.

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