Making it in Indonesia

Is it possible to conquer the music scene in Indonesia? People would say, the challenge is really to even enter such a humongous market is already an envieable feat in itself.

The population is huge, what more there are more than any hands can count when it comes to budding and talented musicians vying for attention and stardom there.

According to IFPI, the revene for recorded was US51 million in 2009 and fell to US26.4 mil in 2014. It is deemed that 90% of the audio visual products are pirated and the loss of US500 mil is estimated because of illegal downloads ( redwing-asia). Even so, it is believed that the Indonesian market continue to be very unique and embraces the digital age with gusto.

In Indonesia, CDs get moved with tie ups with physical stores like KFCs, McDs and others. Thus ensuring reach. Compare that to Malaysia, where the demise of unique music store the likes of Victoria Music Station or Rock Corner is ambushed by non concerning youth who’d rather download it via iTunes, for example ( or torrenting for that matter).

With the proponents of possibilities in the digital make up of both markets, the potential for cross overs are higher. So, maybe there’s more hope than before for Malaysians to make it in Indonesian markets.


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