Future of Muzik Muzik

Like most of us, I have grown with Muzik Muzik, a music show produced by TV3 for the longest time.

We have seen the show metamorphosized into what it is today. From the days of the Irama Malaysia, Pop Rock and Balada to ..well, what’s left of tit today.

One thing that struck me was, how little exposure the show have given to the difference type of music produced by the diversity of people in Malaysia.

Maybe, is this a call for the show to re introduce the Irama Malaysia category in full gusto? Maybe, but what’s more is that, maybe we should not limit the language to just be malay.

And what about the rest of the categories? Should it also open to other languages? Why not ..if we still are keen for the categories.

Speaking about categories, by the way, it seems everything nowadays is crammed into pop. Good, in a way but nonetheless, too restrictive.

In America, they have multiple shows cateringto different markets – Soul train ( dunno if still exist, Latin and etc). Well, they have enough of a crowd to support it, some might counter.

So, Malaysia is still a small segment but we are all there is. Acknowledging talent and musical masterpieces is all about exposure. It is time, I mean high time, we give them all that chance.

In yesteryears, the Americans knew about the bubblegum pops, since hit after hit is about catering to the same scheme or formula. Yes, we have Yuna, Zee Avi and the likes, but there are more. More out there with their uniqueness and beautiful music.

It is always deemed too malay, even in local music scene when non malays are seen not too keen to break into it .Well, who wants to starve themselves anyway right. Why not be a doctor an lawyer or ..an engineer!But, even after such dire warnings, there are a lot still who likes music and wants to be a part of it. And this phenomenon is not exclusive to the malay community. Everyone at some point faces rejection or some sort of resistance or challenges when it comes to the music scene and I mean all races. The market still wants unique, quality music and great package. That’s tough, not everyone can make the cut. Still, with the democratization of music, the social media has opened up opportunities never precendented in history but are they reaching out enough?

So, is Muzik Muzik will use a different formula and converge it’s platforms ..to include AIM, Anugerah Meletop and Sensasi Selebriti for instance where they could certainly cover and rely on each’s strengths and present a new offering that will sate the mass’ thirst for great music and entertainment?

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