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I happened to watch The Immortal Songs 2 show, a korean singing episodes that showcases great Korean singers. Each episodes comes with different challenges but this is not a mere singing contest but a battle of the best – for singers. There’s another show like this, the I Want To Be A Singer show.

Both, I acknowledge, I  got to know from So Hyang, a virtuoso songstress that not only wowwed the local audience but also Michael Bolton and appreciative fans  worldwide. Just check  out their video reactions to So Hyang’s performances ( I did some too!Check here)

In Malaysia, Astro came with Gegar Vaganza, where established singers battled it out and sung songs that most of us have adored and liked. Though  I couldn’t catch up with the series, it seems many were talking about it. In a sense, it does make sense to feature our local’s best singers and have them belt out their very best – a great treat for fans and folks who really just, like the singing arts.  I wish there were more emphasis on the singing side. I mean, great music, and not just for show.

Watching the korean talent shows, I was introduced to Arirang, an old korean folk song but revered through the ages. The lyrics is beautiful and it’s meaning much more. Of course, So Hyang sang her version, Arirang Alone, such a treat in itself.

Malaysian singers are of international virtuosity too. We have local songstresses and  garnering international awards too but one might ask, will they sing together on this kind of program with great sportmanship? They can drive the crowd and although considered established they do still have rabid frenzied supporters who will leave new celebrity fans  far far behind. What about local singers? There must be more than Anuar Zain and Jamal Abdillah right? And believe me, there is.

In the end, the korean shows I’ve mentioned are really catered  for those who can sing. It’s not a mere show trying to pit one contestant against one another, like the reality shows for newbies. The show showcased real established talent, a show worthy of respect and admiration. At least it gets the audiences tearing up and clapping like crazy like they really mean it ( good camera works, right?). We can still remember Susan Boyle’s video clips, the part where the crowd started standing and clapping, real time, that was priceless! Is it me or is it me that heard some rumours that say most of the local show”s concerts have almost unresponsive aka dead/lazy audience. Don’t blame the audience. Maybe they are not moved yet. Maybe program producers have to look at songs that can really showcase the talents’ brilliance and vocal acuity.

Look at Guckkasten! Wow Wow Tripple Wow


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