Traditional vs Modern

If it wasn’t for Cindai and the likes by Dato’ CT, we might not have a better appreciation of what traditional music can do and enrich us altogether.

The types of music, championed by the traditionally inclined aficionados, is of acquired taste. Mostly sung live or recordings from yester years played on epnymous stations as the Klasik FMs.

Cindai was executed with such precision that it inspired awe for the new generation then that mayhaps  felt guilty of not giving enough respect to their musical roots. Hey, like most modern folks in these era, western pops is too prominently available, accessible, easily killing all the mojo of traditional and folksy roots.

Compared to Arabs and India, their version of pop-ish music is hevily tinged with their musical taste and roots. Distinct and unique to their lands. Hey, it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate Amr Diab or Pascal Mashaalani! Good music is truly good. It transcends borders and supposed genres. Right?

The treatment that Dato’ CT, Pak Ngah and team did to Cindai and other songs that followed showed musical virtuosity and at that time peaked to an almost feverish effect, for some. For me, it took me a longer time  to finally convert but yes, the song is catchy and its wordings so maalay-ish,, filled with double entendre or such. Its a peak of eloquence one might assume.

The Malay language was the lingua franca for a long time, not unlike English of today. It has,  undoubtedly reached its grace and beauty, though classical medieval conversational lyrics is still aan acquired  taste. Hence, the modern lyrics has since seems watered down or is it just he writer and not all writers?

I believe that that is the case. Beautiful lyrics can only come through deep connection with the  soul, and requires great mastery of the words and musicality in itself. Whether be it traditional or modern lingo, what we strive for is the harmonious synchronicity of the piece, that could bring an auditory orgasmic experience, we could all hope.

Great music does not reside in ghazaal or the strums of the electric guitar. It is as one might hears it, as the beauty of the silence  between notes. Whether traditional or modern, it is the harmony and precision and yet its way laid ways that enthralls and surprise us with emotive enrapture. A project manager perhaps or a musical savant, that thrills with instruments at hand ( in these modern times, a working computer with great software).


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