Making it in Music

There’s definitely not a sure one way to get and have a shot in the music industry.Sometimes, it all depends on you goals and what you perceive as success. Sure, you want to be as record breaking and stratospheric like Taylor Swift. Get working guys, Ms Swift worked hard and has an amazing team who works harder too. No rest for the wicked.

What started as a mere  hobby, got our dear Ms Yuna performing and posting her performance videos on the net, those slow but sure years added to the experience and maturity needed for her to navigate the torrents of what we know as the American music scene. With collabs  with Usher and the Hit Man, Mr Foster himself, that’s a great achievement in itself. Along the way, she bagged a wonderful deal singing a duet for a Disney animation flick. Awesome! You have to cross over and for Ms Yuna, she didn’t only had to cross over oceans, now the wider audience and listener’s reach to introduce her  music and uniqueness.

Many successful stars in Malaysia has gotten their big breaks from talent shows. This being the Bintang RTM (  yup, not really in our time but it produces Dato’ CT), Malaysian Idol and etc. There are many singers and talents in the market but having the reach culled from the show gets a bit more than just loyalty and prizes but awareness.

The truth is, it is the matter of putting oneself  to be recognised and noted. One’s song doesn’t get played on the local airwaves 24/7 and you can’t sing to that many appreciative audience all at one time. So, the social media has since been a great blessing to many. But, as all things in public domain but managed by big corporations, it is still about making money though one way to get a leewaay in it is to actually just keep on the good stuff churning. One needs good contents to thrive. Though a bit of advertising and marketing budget goes along way, as FB and youtube might asserted, in its tips to help you ‘boost’ your visibility.

Reading Adele’s road to fame really is a study of what makes her unique. She attested that it was hers and her team’s decision to not sing at fairs and the likes because she believes in exclusivity of music. But recently, she has announced that she will start performing in fairs too. Obviously, now famous, she doesn’t have to scurry for visibility and her presence is anticipated and rejoiced.

Tough choices, great results.


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