The Case for Pop

What is pop? Something current and considered hip. But think of this, years and years ago, okay go back to the middle ages, what’s pop is not so pop-ish now!

So, pop is the so called current flavour or what’s rocking in the music world. Does that mean that as long as it is popular and does not follow or rigid definitions, it can be hailed of as pop?

Bill Lamb, top 40 and Pop music expert, extolled that what is considered pop is not all popular music. Pop is defined as the kind of music that  has the ability to reach the  widest group of  people. It can be rock pop, as that was most popular in the 80s ( or the so called EDM in the 2000s, their  aficionados might want to believe!).

Some songs, more for positioning and branding, categories itself as traditional/folksy, classical and jazzy. Some songs  if not most modern music captures a myriad of essence from various styles, to make a good music.

No one is really stopping anybody from creating good music. Look at Macarena or Gangnam Style! We live in a most visual world and music videos and artists’ images pltay a big part too in making the song a hit. But yes, a good song is a  good song. Though   marketing can still go  a long way in securing reach and acceptance. Us is a fickle and restless audience. We want something different but we do tend   to gravitate to something very similar to the music that we were brought up to listen to, to a point.

So far, in Malaysia,, the market for  malay music is deemed the largest but is it enough? We are, in fact a multicultural potpouri of musical extravaganza. I  think it is time to really empower what makes us unique. Our diversity.

As Malaysian, and the world at large, we are exposed to many types of popular music and we soak it well. I  think it is time to further make flourish and make our music scene truly magnificent by empowering  all Malaysian to truly create and make the world a better place because of  it. Good Music.

I am not aware of many other non malays with their respective language music introduced and championed, as it is not assisted by the malay so called channels. Good music is good music. It is time to share  and care. So, happy sharing!

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