The Price of a Dream

Even after all these years, watching this video never seemed  to amazed me to the power of the dream. Who would have thought a 47 year old, townie would have it all to touch hearts of millions in an age of manufactured stars and celebrities?

Look at how the audience stood up and clapped through  and through giving support, expressing their appreciation and awe to Susan  Boyle’s spectacular breakthrough performance! That was THE performance. Getting audience a time of their life. Teary eyed and moved. What a talent!

When asked by Simon about why she was on the talent show, Susan answered that she had a dream of wanting to be a professional  singer, the likes of Elaine Page, and hopes that the show will turn it all around for her, and it did.

She did mention that she is trying and never been given a chance before. Inspiring!

Singing takes very deep engagement with one’s self. Delving into technicalities will  only take one so far though even  a glimpse of mastering it is never within grasp, it  takes tenacity and willingness to give oneself to a cause, where many people  would assume  only best served in bars and maybe during all  out festivities, singing all out at weddings for example. But singing is art, something precise and exacting but  a robot can’t sing, at this moment of writing, as emotionally triggering as a human does.

Sometimes, a song, sung by different singers, although the same exact song, can feel  very different and unique to each performer and singer. That’s the beauty of individualisaation. When the performer or singer knows her or his self and believes in it, delves further into it and emerges with a treasure throve of treasures for us to sample and cherish.

Singers, composers and performers have to connect to their soul to make a stirring performance. Something a moment by moment, which is lost and can’t be captured ( though youtube helps but it is still not truly the same thing). Susan Boyle’s performance is an epic recording that the audience’ reactions and responses were cleverly captured you can’t help but be swept into it. It was hhonest it was instant. It was historic.

Wow, to be able to conjure such adoration! That is surely the test of a singer. Be it, in a corner of a cafe or in front of thousands of adoring fans. To capture the imaginations and emotions by your voice and music. Talent can  do so much but it also the coming together of beautiful elements that makes for an exceptional experience.

Thank you Susan Boyle.

That night knighted her into super world wide stardom. That night made her dreams come true.

Maybe when all the elements do come together, we too can reach our dreams. As long as we keep trying and wait for the right opportunities.

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