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Membuka lembaran untuk kali ini adalah cerita tentang Memori dan proses pembikinannya.

Song/Lyrics : Nik Nabil
Producer : AG Coco & Nik Nabil
Music Arranger : AG Coco
All instruments  recorded by AG Coco& Rudy Iskandar except drums by Azim Jenk Ali and bass by Kelly.
Mixed & Mastered by Ahmad Huzaini Saharuddin
Recorded at Kamar Seni Recording Studio
Engineered by Ully Mohamad & Faris Shazee
AG Coco - Sangat Jauh ke depan. Multi tasker and very emphatic

AG Coco – Sangat Jauh ke depan. Multi tasker and very emphatic


Around 2006, saya berjumpa with a very talented musician, Fiat from Akar Karya. He was the 2nd keyboardist to Sheila Majid, back then if I recalled correctly. I remembered I approached a few people, some of them downright kata I should just go and find kawan – kawan ke or seumpamanya untuk buat lagu – lagu saya. Some was very honest kata, they just didn’t get it, I tried to sing to them (honestly, at that time, well even now pun, i was not confident how to sing the songs, what key and all walaupun tue lagu-lagu sendiri), they were short of ketawa terbahak- bahak in front of me but some I can terus nampak they don’t see I have anything interesting. Tapi Fiat ni lain, he gave me a chance. I took up his offer untuk book small studio session. In that session Fiat kata he will play the piano and help me find the chords and ‘let’s see from there’ katanya. After singing him a couple of melodies, dia kata why not go with Memori? I said okay. I told him pada masa tue, I imagined Memori ni, in my mind …ala-ala simfoni, so I think Fiat was taken by that idea.

My challenge was trying to find which key was the best key for me to sing the song, I didn’t know how to start, but Fiat helped with that. After about an hour, he nailed the melody for the verse, chorus and bridge. Fiat proposed, alang-alang terus record je lah kat studio jamming besar Akar karya, yang kebetulan free masa tue. So, I did.

I ended up holding to the recording sampai 2012, bila everything seems to be in order a bit, the resources were there a bit, and AG Coco was in the picture to help. Out of thousands, I presume, he pick me, he gave me the chance and help arrange Memori to be a reality.

Although, the piano piece yang i forwarded to AG tue, i re recorded the vocal part at Channel [A] studio nearby sebab cd asal dah scratchy and bila play …noise dia macam dengar kipas siling berputar in slow mo – quite distracting but I’ve lived with it through the years. The other reason I re recorded the vocal was also that, I think I’ve improved my vocal’s singing style …much credit to Li of Channel [A] yang kata, yes …make it simple.

I remembered, even back then Fiat kata, kenapa rasa malu sebab muka tak hensem tak boleh jadi penyanyi – you can do it. You can also jadi songwriter, why not? Macam M. Nasir katenya, royalti RMXXX, every year – Fiat tried to advise me but I was being realistic, maybe too realistic that I wasn’t empowered much, but without letting anyone knowing, I never extinguished the dream, I kept a flicker of it, just like Paro in Devdas.

Music has always been a way out for me, I realised. It saved me. Even when I was a kid, now that I recall, bila masa sorang-sorang tue, I will humm atau curi-curi nyanyi cos no singing is actually allowed on my childhood, there was not a definite ban, but in the air, there was that imposition, it’s just not a thing you embrace -music and singing in the house or dekat rumah nenek but me, I always survived with these things.

When I was tired, afraid and lonely, I sang myself to forget what ever that had troubeled me. I out worry myself with singing.

My father wasn’t there for me, being career minded, my mama divorced, still trying to find her dreams her anchor – string of suitors to her pick, but happiness eluded her back then – so I had to fend for myself. As a kind, you don’t feel sad, you don’t worry much, you just don’t. By and large, I was a happy kid, I just play play play through it all. But when teenage years came aknocking, that’s when questions started to linger longer and worries and doubts seems a tad more persistent but through it all, I without shame, out sang it all.

I sang quietly, to myself. That’s why I had problem when I sang in public. I read somewhere that Celine Dion said that she admonished singing like that cos one could learn a bad technique which becomes a habbit and that’s hard to unlearn- it will become hard to project your voice, to sing high notes  because you’re used to quelching it so that people won’t hear – so it’s true, one needs to sing one’s heart out ..loud. Well, I read the Celine Dion’s warnings’ quite late but it made me aware of my inadequacies. It took years to undo it, but that is another story.

Well, this is officially my first post so welcome and thank you for dropping by. It has been a pleasure entertaining you and regaling you with my humble anecdotes from my short and almost unspectacular life.

Take care

Nik Nabil


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