The Story

Earlier drafts for the cover

Earlier drafts for the cover


Why did I ended up choosing Memori out of my other songs (songs ke?) …well, practically because, Memori dah ada piano guide dari Fiat, I really hoped it could persuade AG Coco, and alhamdulillah it did.




Sepetang menatap gambarmu

Terkenang indah bersamamu

Hilang segala keresahanku

Sesaatku rasa sempurna


Hari hari yg berlalu

Kupetik memori dari dasar hatiku

Bercahaya dan bersinar

Memorimu kekal selamanya

Memorimu ..


Ribut taufan melanda hatiku

Meraungku dlm kesepian

Menanti dalam pengharapan

Sesaatku rasa masih ada



Hari yang berlalu mengajarku untuk setia

Akanku tabah akanku rela

Tempuhi segala


Lagu nie, if I’m not mistaken, tercompose masa tengah mandi (oops!). It was when I was already living in the low cost apartments in Bukit Angkasa, Kerinchi. Was it after I recovered from denggue? Was it after I got booted out from my first biomedical engineering job cause my then manager threatened the boss to let me go, if not he’ll go somewhere else with the list of contacts he claims he harboured? All that seems not to matter that much now, can’t really press to remember, all the better I guess. Forgive and forget.

I remembered I got the chorus part while the cool cool waters drained my worries away and freezes the ideas in place. I think I got the verses much latter, I think the verses came while I was lounging (read laying on my back on the linoleum floor, reminiscing …ermmm) haplessly at the living room. The unit (which I later learnt when I upgraded from the smallest room to the biggest -was infested with bed bugs!) faced the back of the Angkasapuri hill. So, the living room windows got some views of trees and the hill. It was quite shady, calming (not the bed bugs ..but you see, during this time, I was not attacked yet, those scheming luring devils – those spared time, moment of sanity and pure bliss created the opportunity for the ideas to flow freely and not interrupted with homicidal thoughts and declaring war on the bed bug’s entire species …much much later..ha ha ha) .

I remembered sharing the song ( the recorded piano piece with vocals) with a junior who is also one of my housemates then. He said it’s good, he was surprised (well, come to hear it now, it’s just okay …my vocal quite out). He asked ‘Do I want to make an album, be an artist?’. I kinda forgot, how I answered that …but I remembered him saying that “Why not?”


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