Spiritualiti dan Muzik

Muzik sentiasa dilihat sebagai elemen seni yang boleh menyentuh dan juga mengorak ritma emosi pendengarnya. Di Malaysia, muzik spiritualisme masih disinonimkan dengan nasyid – nasyid, yang lebih kedengaran dan pernah memegang carta ( Raihan dan seangkatan dengannya) berbanding dengan lagu-lagu spiritual berunsur agama kristian atau india. Namun begitu, definisi spiritual itu sebenarnya adalah neutral dan […]

Making it in Indonesia

Is it possible to conquer the music scene in Indonesia? People would say, the challenge is really to even enter such a humongous market is already an envieable feat in itself. The population is huge, what more there are more than any hands can count when it comes to budding and talented musicians vying for […]

Future of Muzik Muzik

Like most of us, I have grown with Muzik Muzik, a music show produced by TV3 for the longest time. We have seen the show metamorphosized into what it is today. From the days of the Irama Malaysia, Pop Rock and Balada to ..well, what’s left of tit today. One thing that struck me was, […]

Musical Shows – It’s Hearbeat

I happened to watch The Immortal Songs 2 show, a korean singing episodes that showcases great Korean singers. Each episodes comes with different challenges but this is not a mere singing contest but a battle of the best – for singers. There’s another show like this, the I Want To Be A Singer show. Both, […]

Traditional vs Modern

If it wasn’t for Cindai and the likes by Dato’ CT, we might not have a better appreciation of what traditional music can do and enrich us altogether. The types of music, championed by the traditionally inclined aficionados, is of acquired taste. Mostly sung live or recordings from yester years played on epnymous stations as […]

Making it in Music

There’s definitely not a sure one way to get and have a shot in the music industry.Sometimes, it all depends on you goals and what you perceive as success. Sure, you want to be as record breaking and stratospheric like Taylor Swift. Get working guys, Ms Swift worked hard and has an amazing team who […]

The Case for Pop

What is pop? Something current and considered hip. But think of this, years and years ago, okay go back to the middle ages, what’s pop is not so pop-ish now! So, pop is the so called current flavour or what’s rocking in the music world. Does that mean that as long as it is popular […]

The Price of a Dream

Even after all these years, watching this video never seemed  to amazed me to the power of the dream. Who would have thought a 47 year old, townie would have it all to touch hearts of millions in an age of manufactured stars and celebrities? Look at how the audience stood up and clapped through […]

Anatomy of A Tear Jerker

This article is inspired by an article published by  the Wall Street Journal, Anatomy of a Tear Jerker, authored by Michaeleen Doucleff ( February 11. 2012) Have you cried to love songs or can  you remember the Bridget Jones’ Diary where she lip sync and tear jerked her way to Celine Dion’s All By Myself. […]