Thanks soo much 2016! It has been a great journey and I look forward to 2017 for more exciting projects and rooms for growth in my music and spiritually.    Thanks to VBuzz Astro Vinmeen team for inviting me over for an interview on 29th December 2016. Special thanks to Sumitra, April, Joanna, Sharita and […]

Thanks Sinar Harian!

Thanks to Rafiq Mazlan, Kak Haslina and Mr Meen Tahrin for the opportunity to be featured in the Media Hiburan new talent section of the Sinar Harian. Nik Nabil teruja ‘cedok pengalaman’ RAFIQ MAZLAN 10 NOVEMBER 2016 Nik Nabil BAGI orang baharu yang boleh dikatakan ‘hijau’ dalam dunia nyanyian di arus perdana, ternyata pengalaman dapat […]

New projects

Selalu has taken over two years in the making and after redoing it all over again ( much credit to AG and Kamar Seni’s dedication) it is really a labour of love and it’s more than a song. It manages to capture the bits and pieces of memories of what had happened along the years […]


Alhamdulillah, my second composition, Selalu dah siap!! composer – Nik Nabil Arranger – AG COCO COPYRIGHTS RESERVED 2016 W : nabilamin.com Composer ; Nik Nabil Lyric : Nik Nabil Performed by Nik Nabil Produced by AG Coco Music Arrangement by AG Coco & Rudy Nastia All Instruments by AG Coco & Rudy Nastia except bass […]

State of Things

Am listening to Selalu, my 2nd single this morning. AG COCO’s studio’s computer got virus,many works lost. Including your’s truly. Although, the vocal part managed to be salvaged. Oh right, I’m listening to the raw recording version. Well, if it finished mastering and all, I am still broke. The money to launch, do a good […]

Upcoming Second Single Selalu – Lirik

Selalu Kasihku ..malam kelam tanpamu Kasihku… dimanakah dikau..hilang arahku tanpamu Kasihku…tiada kugubah sandiwara.. Kasihku…dengarlah kasihku   chorus kuingin kau selalu Berada di sisiku Selalu Menemani aku di dalam susah senangku.. ku ingin kau selalu Jujur Kepada diriku Ucap cinta padaku.. walau dunia membenciku… Selalu … kuingin kau selalu pegang erat janjimu Doa untukku walau ku […]

Kamar Seni

Macam mana nak cerita ya ..? How I stumbled upon the hidden gem that is Kamar Seni studio? Masa tue, baru pindah area cheras, previously duduk di area Hill Park.  I was determined to leave my job, a lot of uncertainties dan disebabkan tak nak ended up in a compromised situation, I took the big […]