Alhamdulillah, my second composition, Selalu dah siap!! It took two years for this baby to come to fruition. Thanks to AG Coco, Rudy Nastia and Kamar Seni musicians yang worked hard to make this song come alive. Started as an almost like a dream, today Selalu is a full fledged song ready to rock music […]

State of Things

Am listening to Selalu, my 2nd single this morning. AG COCO’s studio’s computer got virus,many works lost. Including your’s truly. Although, the vocal part managed to be salvaged. Oh right, I’m listening to the raw recording version. Well, if it finished mastering and all, I am still broke. The money to launch, do a good […]

Foreign Songs

Yeah, apart from local songs, everything else is foreign, that’s that. But I don’t want to tackle about foreign songs from foreign countries. We have indonesian songs who feels like home here. We even embrace it like our own after some time. No wrong in that. Hint – Datuk Rossa. What I would like to […]


Muzik sebagai pemberi semangat. Petang tadi saya cuba sing along to lagu Hayley Westenra Gabriel’s Oboe (Whispers In A Dream) dari album Paradiso beliau. Senikatanya sungguh menggamit hati. Pasal cinta, harapan dan everything will be alright. Actually, lagu nie bunyinya macam Nella Fantasia ( suka versi nyanyian Russell Watson). Songs to bring hope adalah satu […]

Evolusi Lagu Raya

I have grown  up with lagu – lagu   raya from Saloma, and throw  in there  also  4U2C, especially 4U2C. During those time, memang mencanak lagu2 raya dibuat untuk menyambut syawal yang tiba. Meriah di suasana hari raya  tul. Dulu – dulu, album raya pun banyak ( nak  kata gaabajillion tue taklah tapi it’s a […]

Kewl Khair Bahar

In an instant Khai was EVERYWHERE! Well, in the same line of argument with Drake here, Khai has been singing like forever. It’s just that SMULE was his breakout platform. Like Youtube for Bieber, and locally, Yuna to name a few. Honest to truth, I checked his videos myself and my  oh my, I was […]

Case Study : The D..

All of a sudden, Drake is EVERYWHERE. His hitting the No.1 spots like all over the place. I mean, we know Drake but suddenly his hits is EVERYWHERE, it’s starting to transform into a Drake phenomenon. How is he crushing it? He also writes his own stuff! Wow triple Wow! Actually Drake has been around […]

Indie vs Mainstre..

Dulu, Hujan for me was the very definition of  indie, then THEY became mainstream and the rest is history. The same goes to OAG, Butterfingers and many others yang spent years and years before breaking it into the mainstream. Though not all were as successful as those mentioned. There is an allure to term term […]

Music and Drugs

Usually, the ill conceived image of the torn up inside rockers, living the fast live, orgies with groupies, no care for prude, drugs … is all part of the so called star life, sold by the American music industry, to a point. Though they don’t endorse it, the media coverage on the supposed lifestyle is […]